Tricky Little Stitches

Be Careful What You Wish For….

I have been a little naughty recently, haven’t made time for my blogging, so I thought I better get on with it.

When I first started knitting again, I was quite dejected as things weren’t selling quite how I imagined. I knew it couldn’t be my amazing knitting so there had to be some other other reason, so I sent my gorgeous grandson out on an undercover mission…

Off he went on the bus with his mum and before long someone enquired where she got his knitted hat and cardigan, the lady was hooked and that afternoon said she would like to order 3 cardigans with matching hats. I just so happened to be working on an outfit in the right size and posted a pic of it…..not only did she want it but lots of other people did too.
Now that was great, I was over the moon, my knitting was for a real purpose again instead of sitting here mocking me..the only problem was the hat. Never have I had such trouble with a pattern. It’s not the pattern that was complicated, but the maths involved in it, whatever I tried the numbers just didn’t work. I managed to make it work, with a little fiddling but I am not friendly with that pattern anymore and face the prospect of knitting many more!

Here is the offending outfit pretending to look all innocent

I’ve named it The “Ethan” set after the grandson of the lovely Maria from Made By Maz.

Well I showed my new customer Emma another pattern I had and she was happy to have one of these as part of her order, I’ve named this set “Alfie” after her cute little boy and she was nice enough to send me this pic of him wearing it.. It’s made in Stylecraft “Life Chunky” and is really soft and snuggly.

Doesn’t he look as snug as a bug in a rug?

Well Emma has ordered two more of these sets, and matching mitts for them all.Therein lay another problem, try as I might I couldn’t find a a pattern for mittens in chunky or Aran yarn and had to adjust an old double knit pattern I had. I was very pleased as the second attempt worked and so I now have a template for others.

In between all these sets, I’ve managed to squeeze in some more hats

Some scarves…

The scarves were made to order, I think these would make great Christmas gifts and they come in lots of different styles and colours. This customer had 3 and I have a funny feeling she’ll be back for more 😉

I also managed to sneak in a present I have made for Christmas for a lovely little man..

I also received my business cards

and my fantastic sister Marie of Baileyrosy made these amazing tags for me, they are so beautiful I don’t want to attach them to my outfits. What a talent she has, I love her to bits.

So like I say, be careful what you wish for, I’m rushed off my feet now, but I absolutely love it and I’m making some lovely new friends along the way and doing my bit to make the babies of Britain all warm and snuggly for the winter.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting, you can visit my Etsy shop for some ready knitted items or if you would like I can add you to my waiting list. Just send me a message X


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10 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For….

  1. Kal what a lovely post and what fabulous models you have I do hope you have their permission. Once again you have blown me away with the quantity and quality of your amazing knits and so glad you are doing your bit in the campaign to keep babies warm !! What a pity my knitted cushion covers are going to the back of the queue but then again I suppose the babies must come first ! Take care and dont over do it xx


  2. Lovely hats- is it your own pattern?

  3. Well Karen, I think Little Leo has done you proud, going undercover, and he certainly looks the part in that b/w photo – Alfie looks a very satisfied customer, and very snug and cosy in his TLS three piece. Such very gorgeous creations Karen, and I must say, I’m liking these scarves, especially that tassly one, and sooo love the little tank top! Your very talented sister has also done you proud with these gorgeous tags, they will finish your creations to perfection (I’m expecting one of these to be adorning my next order!), and business cards as well??? I’m impressed girl!

    Take care and keep those rosewood needles going!

    Maria xxxxx

  4. Oh my goodness, how cute are those two little kiddies in their cozy hats and cardies. Beautiful knitting Karen and I hope you manage to catch up with your ‘lovely’ sister when she’s back in the UK. xx

  5. It is astonishing the productivity and at the highest of levels, once again in awe of this immense talent you have.
    As much as you need to keep those little ones toasty you will take care of yourself.
    Those little tags are such a perfect touch and a very loving gift from your sister.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for the lovely comments you leave for me, especially as you are so busy with your orders, much appreciated.

  6. Hazel Ramejkis on said:

    I wonder who is the lady mentioned with the scarves. She may be back for more. Plus she has her eye on another product. Enough said.

  7. Hey you, how you doin’. Fantastic makes. Can I please have an Alfie!! 😉 So adorable.
    Take care,
    Florence xx

  8. They are all lovely but the green outfit with the cables…… awww 😀 Avis x

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