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The Mad Hatter

Those of you who follow my blog will remember last week I was off to rehab because of my knitting addiction. Well I promise I didn’t knit while I was there, but I did knit on the way on the way there and back in the car….
Rehab was great but it didn’t cure me and in fact it may have sent me mad.

I started by knitting a bonnet before I went, because it would be quick,

it’s quite pretty, I sewed on some pretty pink and lilac pearls (I have to confess, I did sew them on in the hotel room) to compliment the beautiful wool, which is really soft and tactile, but it started an alarming trend…

I then knitted this version

I thought, oh well I’ll knit another hat before I start my next project and so I made this cute  little Tea-Bag hat and added navy “pearls” for a bit of interest

Well I was on a roll by now and so I decided to make this little cutie using Patons Smoothie yarn

Then my daughter asked me to knit a hat for her gorgeous son Leo, she had seen a hat I had made previously but we decided on a few alterations and until I could get the yarn I wanted I made this prototype..

I sent a pic of it to my friend Maria, the wonderful Made by Maz, and she promptly ordered one for her beautiful grandson Ethan, and when my daughter saw it she said she might have fallen in love with it but wanted one in grey….I posted a pic of  it on my facebook page and then several people wanted it in different colours so I ended up knitting this

and the same in a very similar colour, which my daughter chose instead of the grey one. In his honour I called the hat the  “Little Leo ”

and then someone asked if I could knit one for a girl and I came up with this

This is so soft and cuddly and has diamante buttons instead of the wooden ones.

Finally I made these

and the dog got jealous, so he had to wear one too…. (don’t worry this one’s not really for the dog and not for sale either!)

The hat craze seems to have eased off for the moment and so I’m working on a normal project, don’t think the madness will ease though.

I’ve tried to add a link to my Etsy shop, but I can’t get it to work, any of you who are interested in my knits, its at

Thanks for popping by and happy crafting!


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11 thoughts on “The Mad Hatter

  1. My God, I am exhausted, reading your latest blog was like being on an out of control roller coaster, I felt breathless. But, having said that your hats are gorgeous. I love the colours and the various decorations. You must be knitting at the speed of light, if your needles were steel, sparks would be flying. Carry on. xx

  2. Looks like you might have to go to re-hab again somehow don’t think you are cured !!! fabulous hats Karen each one is so pretty, the first one is divine such a gorgeous pattern and beautifully executed, am loving the “Leo” hat with the wooden buttons too. Have to say though that Taz looks somewhat fetching in his pink creation but what about the cat !!!


  3. Hello
    I am worried for Marie, she appears to like all the G’s … gin, well I knew that one as she admitted it herself but gambling, oh my goodness!!!
    These are adorable, especially the tea bag hat. You make it look so easy but we know it isn’t, my knitting is horrendous. Love the additions of the pearls.
    As a dog lover (Marie will tell you that I tried to woe her doggies away from it, I failed miserably) I demand more photos of this cute one.
    P.S. Cannot thank you enough for your encouraging comments on my Blog. I appear to be delving into the more masculine side of things but don’t worry, pretty is always mixed in there now and again!

    • Thanks Lynne, I’m worried about Marie too, I tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no, no,no!
      Yet hanks so much for your lovely comments, wish I had your talent, your stuff is amazing x

  4. Ok, so that’s ten hats in total, just while you were waiting, and including the dogs, so I think that qualifies as a serious addiction – especially as you took your needles to rehab, tut tut. I’ve concluded that It must run in the family, given your Marie’s Gin habit as well!

    Ethan looks very handsome indeed in his Little Leo and seems to be acquiring his very own Tricky Little Knitwear Wardrobe, his latest acquisition being my favourite I think! In fact Karen, he is partial to the odd bit of modelling these days and will be uploading a sample of his Portfolio very soon! Your hats are very beautiful, by the way :-), I’m knackered just thinking of how fast you’re knitting!!!


  5. Hi Mad Hatter! These are just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! How clever are you. Love them all. I have just spotted Lynne’s comments and your reply. So funny.
    Regards Florence xx

  6. Hi Karen, I see your knitting is prolific as usual 😆
    All the hats are beautiful! Having read a few of your latest posts it doesn’t look like you have time to breathe. Good luck with your Etsy store! Avis x

  7. Hats are divine. Dog is Divine and so handsome and patient! Loving it all!

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