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I have a confession to make

Well since my last blog I have been having difficulty thinking about what this one would be about. enjoy my knitting but I’m sure that there are only so many times anyone who pops by can be entertained by the sight of yet another hat or knitted baby coat. So I’ve just plodded on with my knitting as usual, trying to think of inspiration for the next instalment of my blog.

Whilst I was plodding I managed to make this



Its a jacket in white (honest it’s white, the lighting makes it look a weird colour.)

With its matching bonnet, I had to thread 10 metres of lilac ribbon through, and then sew it all in place. 


The pic above shows it with its matching bonnet. I sewed on pretty lilac “pearl” beads around the hem of the jacket, the sleeve edges and the bonnet edge, and also added some white lace to the bonnet and edge of the coat. I added  matching ribbon ties to the bonnet and finished these with white rosebuds.

Still contemplating my topic, I also whipped up this ballerina type wrap in age 1-2 using the lovely Debbie Bliss Prima yarn, it really is a pleasure to knit with and the finished result is lovely. 


I wasn’t sure where to place the ribbon bow, but I think it looks ok where it is?


Still pondering, I knitted this snuggly winter set, which is suitable for aged 3-6 baby boys, using Robin Jelli-Been yarn


It has a lovely texture and the pattern is quite simple but I think it’s effective too


All this knitting and still no inspiration and so I forced myself to use up a bit of my spare yarn and made this pretty bonnet, which is in the same pattern as the first set I made


and here is the back


and then it hit me like a bolt of lightning (though not quite so painfully.)


When I started knitting again a few months ago, I had one ball of wool and 2 pairs of needles, of course I’ve had to add to my needle collection because of the different projects I have been working on. 

But my bureau which was once filled with cross stitching equipment has been invaded by yarn, the side of my sofa is  packed with yarn, I have tins filled with accessories including my newest addition which is a row counter I can wear around my neck and just click when I finish a row, sounds dull and boring but I love it! I have a box full of beads, another full of ribbons, containers brimming with buttons….you get the drift? My dining room now has a huge washing basket full of yarn for future projects and yesterday I had to go a buy another sort of tall thin wicker container to put in my hall to fit yet more yarn in. This morning I have been planning another trip to the fantastic Black Sheep Craft Barn and that’s when I realised the truth….


There, I’ve said it now, it’s out there in the open and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I just can’t help myself though, yarn and all its related goodies hold a strange and evil power over me. I can’t help myself when I’m near them and so I have to go to rehab….

Hubby is whisking me away to a hotel for the night, he’s decided to try and wine me and dine me on the proviso that I don’t take the knitting needles with me, wondering if I can sneak some in some there somewhere.

Just the thought of being without my beloved knitting is making me shake and sweat a little, but we’re not going till later, so I’m off to get my fix.

WIsh me luck and happy crafting!







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12 thoughts on “I have a confession to make

  1. All the baby knitwear you’ve made is completely adorable! I love it. 🙂 And … oh yes, don’t I know how addicting anything knitting-related can be, I’ve been trying to reduce my yarn stash in vain for years now, and for some reason it only seems to grow!

  2. Oh that gave me a good chuckle! You carry on I love seeing what you made. I think I might be a craftaholic- You know knitting, crochet, cross stitch, card making etc etc- always multiple projects on the go and in the pipeline and in my head. Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

  3. I wasn’t sure wether I should leave a comment after i saw what you wrote on Lynne’s blog but your work is so amazing I just couldn’t help myself. Of course we wont get bored seeing your beautiful work each piece is amazing a joy to see . So much love is lavished on your projects and it shows. You are such a talented lady so keep them coming.


  4. Sam and that on said:

    Alright. Sam and that innit. Nice knitting, but we already knew you were a knitaholic innit. You’ve got some alright knitting knocking about.

  5. Hi
    I need to get this out of the way – you do know your sister is spreading stories about you, she tells me that you are the cheeky one but don’t worry, I know the truth!
    Put the distraction of your blog aside and focus merely on creating. You see it doesn’t matter what you create, it is the passion you create with and also the beauty of your creations. That little wrap is so darling and the patience required on all your pieces has me amazed.
    At one time my “thing” was cross-stitch/tapestry (too long a tale as to how someone who had a phobia of sewing reached out for such a hobby) but it was pushed aside (one large project still on a frame) for what I do now. It doesn’t matter that our passions might vary, we all recognise when someone is addicted and it is more than a hobby, it becomes part of our lives.
    Tell us if you ever did sneak the knitting needles away with you 🙂
    P.S. Cannot thank you enough for the loveliest of comments you leave for me to read.

  6. My name is Maria and I am a craftaholic, shopaholic and chocoholic (they all go hand in hand) – nice to meet you Karen! I most certainly do not get bored seeing your stunning creations! You must’ve done a lot of thinking to do that much knitting, and they are all beautiful. I think you’re too far gone for rehab, by the way, but I hope you enjoy the hotel – did you managed to stash some knitting in your overnight bag?

    Of course, I’m biased and absolutely love the little boy’s set, but I also have a ten month old great niece so love the girls stuff as well. Those bonnets are sooo cute, and I love how you’ve added some lace trim to the little jacket.

    Bye for now

    Maria xxxxx

  7. Well I can think of worse things to be addicted to Karen! We need to do what makes us happy otherwise we’d just be a bunch of grumpy old women (well, we’d be even grumpier than we are normally!) Your work is beautiful and not being a knitter myself I am in awe of what you can do. Keep up the addiction! xx

  8. Hi Karen, These are simply gorgeous!!!! What a talented lady you are. Shame about your sister!!! LOL! Do you knit bottle covers…. I was thinking for Marie’s benefit. Have a wonderful creative day.
    Hugs, Florence x

  9. Hazel Ramejkis on said:

    You amaze me Kal, so many beautiful items. I’ve said it before and I say it again, You are a very clever and talented girl. The speed at which you turn out these gems is amazing too, are you sure you are not Wonder Woman.

  10. You are amazing Karen! These are all beautiful! My favourite is the boys’ winter hat and jumper set but I love the ballerina wrap in that fabulous colour too and as for the ribbon threaded outfit and the cute little bonnet, I am speechless! We don’t have any babies on our family horizon at the moment but the moment we do, I’ll be emptying your shelves! I’m not a knitaholic but I am an inkaholic (and no, I don’t drink the stuff!) I think you and your lovely sister should start organising retreats for the horribly addicted amongst us!

    • kalfury on said:

      Ah thanks Vicky, I love the ballerina wrap too, it’s one of my favourites, and it feels lovely too.
      I don’t think you would want to come on a retreat to where I live, but maybe Marie should organise a crafters week lol, X

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