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Finished knitting the dream, next please!

In my last post I mentioned that I had started knitting my dream outfit and finally after 10 days of hard slog, knitting and embellishing, she’s finished. I spent so much time with this project that I feel I had to give her a name, she became like part of the family (well that’s a bit over the top, but you get the idea?)

This set is from a Sublime knitting pattern book, the outfit itself is called “Little Vintage Christening Set” and was knitted using Sublime Bamboo & Pearls in what I would call winter white. This is a beautifully soft yarn, it literally glides along the knitting needles, and the pattern itself was really easy, basically reverse stocking stitch.


I started by knitting some of the 64 little “bells” that were to be sewn on as embellishments at the bottom of the coat and hat, in between finishing off another project and after knitting several parts of the coat, as I didn’t want to get to the end and have to knit them all at once. I had already decided that the outfit wouldn’t be my own without some extra additions and had bought some teardrop pearls which I sewed onto each of the bells, and I was really happy with how they looked.

What I hadn’t realised was that one it was knitted I would have to embroider chain stitch all over it. I was a bit apprehensive to say the least as I hadn’t embroidered onto knitting before and I really didn’t want to ruin my knitting, the yarn is £5 a ball and I had used 7, so it was with trepidation that I got out the embroidery needle, and of course a quick visit to the trusty youtube for a quick lesson!

Here is the detail on the back and sleeves


I also decided to do the embroidery etc on each part of the coat as I went along, this helped me visualise how the outfit would look when complete. Of course being me, I decided that I really needed something to make this extra special and ordered some diamantes, I wasn’t sure where they would be used and after a while finally decided that they would be sewn on to the tiny bobbles at the bottom of the coat and hat. They arrived just before I went to my knit and natter group and so I took them with me. I had to buy some beading needles as the holes on the diamantes were so small. Now I am normally the queen of threading needles, but I swear these didn’t seem to even have an eye to thread, I even asked if there was thinner cotton I could buy. Cath, the wool shop owner gave me a needle threader and the whole group set to work trying to thread them, we had one broken needle and everyone gave up apart from Brenda, who sat and threaded all 4 needles for me several times so that I could keep on sewing them on. Brenda even came to live with me until the project was finished…..ok so she didn’t and I did manage when I went home but she was a great help.

Here is the completed front.


and the detail on one of the sleeves…

I chose some beautiful iridescent buttons for the coat, you can’t see how they catch the light, but I think they really add to the vintage feel. I also had some woven labels made and of course had to sew in one of those.


I also had to knit a matching bonnet, and whilst doing this decided that both this and the coat needed a little something more, so being a real glutton for punishment I decided to sew some silver bugle beads onto the stem of the leaves at the bottom of the coat and bonnet. Thankfully the beading needle came into its own here.

Here’s a close up of the detail on the bonnet

And for those of you who are still awake, the whole outfit together.

The whole thing is really heavy, it took 7 balls of yarn and with the addition of all the bling, its going to take one strong baby to wear this hehe.

I did make this to sell and I know the price of £65 plus p&p might initially put some people off, but involved a LOT of hard work and creativity and not to mention the cost of the materials, I know that someone will fall in love with it and hope that maybe it becomes something that gets passed down from generation to generation. That’s a really lovely thought.

Now, back off to my knitting, happy blogging everyone and thanks for stopping by.





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8 thoughts on “Finished knitting the dream, next please!

  1. Hi
    There is no doubt someone will fall in love with this, it is definitely an heirloom outfit.
    The love shines through in the beauty of the details, it is just sublime.
    Anyone wishing to purchase this and knows quality will realise that you have under-charged on your time considering the costs of materials alone.
    What an achievement for you.

  2. Hazel Ramejkis on said:

    This is truly a work of art knitted with love. The lucky baby who wears this will be swaddled in love. Worthy of passing down generations of babies. You surpass yourself Karen. xxxx

  3. Sam and that on said:

    Alright. Nice knitting and that.

  4. oh my oh my, Karen this is so beautiful oh how i wish i had a little baby who could wear this am totally blown away by your attention to detail, your patience and creativity although not surprised. I know how much time , effort and love you put in here and it really payed off. This will definitely be something to be passed down through the generations. I’m so proud of you


  5. Oh my word! How absolutely beautiful Karen. Someone indeed will fall in love with this and they will have a stunning, and very unique, creation to be passed down through the generations. Your attention to details really shows in every little bit of this. If I had a granddaughter, it would be sold. What a talent you have girl!

    I have just waved goodbye to my sister and my mum who have headed back to Fazakerley, (my sister now wondering if she knows you from school), but not before admiring your creations – by the way, watch out for some lovely little photos I think you may be like ;-).

    Maria xxxxx

  6. by the way Karen, just how much nice wool would it take to bribe you into telling me what your Marie is working on?????

  7. This is beautiful, a real work of art, and a bargain considering the cost of materials and labour that went into it. Gorgeous!

  8. I have had a good ‘zoom in’ on your pics and this wee coat and hat is just stunning! Those little bell flowers are just gorgeous and I love those drop pearls. You are absolutely selling yourself short. I would never sell anything for less than double the cost of materials and a piece of work like this should be more. Its so lovely! xx

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