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Knitting The Dream

Hello again,

It’s been yet another busy week of knitting, family, and life in general. Last weekend I decided enough was enough and radical action had to be taken. I have the most gorgeous 16 month old grandson Leo, who for some reason absolutely adores his grandpa, nothing grandpa does is wrong, whereas poor old Nanny (that’s me) gets a brief smile and then he’s off back to adoring my husband. I adore my husband too, so I can see the attraction, BUT I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to spend some time without grandpa and it worked. He liked me, I did resort to bribery of course, a nice bag of white choccy buttons worked wonders and we had a lovely time playing and drawing.

On his next visit to our house I reinforced his liking of me, this time with cake! Who said grandpa knows best?

Of course I’ve been busy knitting too, this week finishing these projects. Firstly I knitted this 0-6 month cardigan with pretty edging using Sublime Baby Kapok, it is sooooo soft and was a dream to knit with. I sewed on some pretty pink pearls and found these adorable buttons while at my knit and natter group. I can never resist buying some things while I’m there, but shhh don’t tell the hubby!

I also completed this 0-6 month boys jacket using Debbie Bliss Prima, another designer yarn in a beautiful shade of green (I’m a real green freak, and when I say that I don’t mean I’m an alien, I mean I love green!) I added these lovely chunky toggles in cream and I’m really happy with the result, although I have to say this wasn’t a jacket I enjoyed knitting and I don’t know why…

Finally for my completed items I decided I would like to make something in a chunky yarn, and for some reason there aren’t that many baby patterns about but I found one for this and decided to make it in age 1-2.

I can really see this being a real winter favourite, the yarn which is Sirdar Snowdrops is soft and cuddly and the lilac is really pretty and delicate.

Once again thanks to the lovely Hannah from Little Hannah Photographyย for the pics ๐Ÿ˜‰

Onto my main project of the week though, and the reason behind this week’s title, I found a pattern that I absolutely fell in love with and just had to knit, it just jumped out and yelled knit me, which was a bit shocking :O

It’s described as a vintage style christening coat, with a very full “skirt” to it and some lovely edging and embroidery. It’s knitted using Sublime Bamboo and Pearls, which is quite an expensive yarn, but sometimes quality matters. I of course decided that I would add some embellishments and couldn’t wait to get started on this. I can see it in my head, I am just hoping and wishing that it turns out how I imagine. If I can complete this the way I want then I will be over the moon, it really should be the most beautiful piece of knitting I’ve worked on… no pressure there then.

I’m a fair way along with it already so fingers crossed I’ll have it ready for my next post.

I would like to thank everyone who takes them time to stop and read my blog and for those of you that bother to comment, thanks even more, I really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to pop over to my etsy shop and see what I have for sale.

Happy crafting everyone X


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10 thoughts on “Knitting The Dream

  1. littlehannahphotography on said:

    Fabulous as usual X

    Miss Hannah Ramejkis

    Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 16:24:23 +0000 To:

  2. He is adorable, those eyes. i love the tale of bribery and have to say that a bag of white chocolate buttons would do it for me anytime (in fact chocolate of any nature!).
    In awe of your talents, those are the sweetest jackets.

  3. What a little cutie! And what lovely makes! You’ll have one spoilt Grandson!

  4. Oh my, your grandson is gorgeous – those big blue eyes and curly hair – who cares if he drops a million crumbs on your sofa! Beautiful little cardies, I love the fancy bit at the bottom of the white one, wish I could do that! xx

  5. Yes Suze he is gorgeous and such a little character too, I wish I could do what you do, it’s just a matter of trial and error till we hopefully find out what we’re good at! Thanks for popping by X

  6. Oh what a lovely little boy! And such pretty knits- how do you find the time or are you a quick knitter. I am so slow!

  7. That little Leo is getting more and more handsome as time goes on. I wont recognise him when I see him next year. More fabulous knits from you and fantastic photos from Hannah what a talented mother and daughter team you are not to mention your talented sister ! I wish I knew someone who has had a baby cos they would make amazing presents especially love well let me see …….all of them !!

  8. Aw, Karen, your grandson is absolutely gorgeous!!! I completely agree, when all else fails, resort to bribery. My other half usually resorts to plying me with chocolate when he wants to go out with his mate, lol (and it works!)! These are so beautiful, I can see some of these being very difficult to resist!

    Maria xxxxx

  9. Sam and that on said:

    Alright. Me again innit? Nice knitting and that, proper sick and that. One day might be as big as Maccie D’s lad, innit.

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