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Knitting Nattering and being featured in another blog!

Well, there’s been a bit of a gap since my last blog, firstly as I’ve been really busy and secondly and most importantly, I cleverly sent all my recent knits to be photographed as I’m rubbish at it and my daughter Hannah is a photographer so it seemed silly not to use her talents.

The most important thing that happened was over a week ago now, my sister Marie makes the most amazingly wonderful cards, and asked me to send her one of my little knitted brooches, which she then used on one of her creations. She told me that it was going to be in her blog and when I read it I couldn’t stop crying, she basically dedicated her whole blog that week to ME , explaining how I’d been ill and unable to knit etc and how I’d started again. I was so moved by the blog itself, but then the lovely comments from her fellow bloggers had me reaching for the tissues again. Why not pop over and have a look at her work at

Last Friday was my 5th wedding anniversary and my lovely hubby gave me three choices,

1) I could have an outfit of my choice from M&S

2) I could have a piece of jewellery

3) I could go to the Craft Barn at Black Sheep Wools and choose what I wanted. For those of you not in the know, Black Sheep look fantastic on line, the phrase “kid in a sweetshop” springs to mind… and I was lucky to have found out about them via another blogger, who writes beautifully and is very crafty, Hannah Ackroyd

Well much as I love clothes and was sorely tempted by the idea of stocking up on wool, I chose the jewellery and very beautiful it is too, but the next day I asked him to take me to Black Sheep anyway and I would pay, cunning aren’t I?

I wasn’t disappointed, its absolutely amazing, its vast and stocks the most amazing yarns and accessories and has lots of bargains. I stocked up and came away a very happy bunny 😉

In amongst all this I have managed to have some girly time at my local knit and nattter group (nearly typed that as knatter!) on Tuesday afternoons, I’m fairly new to the group but already I’m allowed to wander freely through the stockrooms and I love it. Plus there’s cake and coffee so I’m pretty much sorted.

Time to show off some of the things I’ve completed since my last blog, got my photos last night from Little Hannah Photography  so here goes..

This is 0-6 months and was knitted using Debbie Bliss Prima yarn, which is a mix of bamboo and Merino Wool and an absolute delight to knit with, I think this one of my most favourite knits.

This pretty hoodie was knitted using a basic self striping acrylic yarn and was really good fun to make and very easy, I like to call it Raspberry Ripple.

My final baby item that has been photographed this week is this beautiful (modest aren’t I?) short cardigan in the wonderful “White Whispers” yarn by Sirdar, this being in the whisper of lilac with pink sparkly buttons for a contrast. This was so lovely to knit with as has a slight silky sheen to it.

Besides all the baby items, I decided to have a go at the scarves that the ladies in my knitting group were making and so I made this using Stylecraft Tango Glitz yarn, again it was surprisingly easy but really stylish I think.

and then this one using Rico Pompon, again simple but effective

Well that’s it for now, I’m off to my Etsy shop to list my new creations, feel free to drop in and have a mooch, until next week, happy blogging!


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15 thoughts on “Knitting Nattering and being featured in another blog!

  1. littlehannahphotography on said:

    Lovely blog, concise & interesting! Thank you for posting my photographs , they look great on a blog! It has been fabulous working with such beautiful items & they were a pleasure to photograph x

  2. Hi Kal, you are such a big softie and I love you and am very proud of you ! Such a lovely blog post and Hannah’s photos are fantastic they really make a difference. More beautiful knits and I love how your creations are always so different not only in the yarns you use but the designs and styles. Lucky girl getting the jewellery and the wool your Joe is such a super guy . As you know I’m not a knitter but wouldn’t mind a look around Black Sheep Wools sounds fantastic.

  3. Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you liked Black Sheep Wools!

  4. Hazel Ramejkis on said:

    Fantastic blog, I wish these pretty garments were around when mine were babies. Do you think any one would be a surrogate for me, or am I too old at 80 plus?
    Joking apart Karen you are fantastic and so talented, love you to bits. xxxx

  5. Lovely garments, and I must check out Black sheep!

  6. Hi & Belated Birthday Wishes
    Well not only are you the most amazingly talented knitter, which will inspire so many others but your productivity is inspirational. Adorable knits especially the little jacket and that scarf, so stylish.
    Your Sister is an amazing woman and so funny. I have offered to take her two little rascals off her hands but unforutnately she is too devoted to them, oh well, I did at least try.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    • Hi Lynne, firstly no need to apologise, I can only imagine how busy you are with your amazing creations, blogging etc. Secondly it wasn’t my birthday, it was Marie’s in July…
      Thirdly and most importantly thank YOU for taking the time out to visit my blog, it really means a lot and you’re right, Marie is amazing and I love her to bits, I just wish she lived in the same country as me X

  7. Hi
    I cannot believe I forgot to say Thank You for the lovely comments you have left for me. For you to take the time to visit my Blog has meant so much.

  8. These photos are just fab, they really do show off your knits beautifully, that raspberry ripple cardi is gorgeous. How great that you’ve got a knitting group to go to. I go to a sewing group (though have to say there’s very little sewing done – it’s all chat). Congrats on your recent anniversary. xx

  9. Thanks Suze, I love the raspberry ripple one too, I’ve got some wool to make a boy’s version in blue and a touch of yellow, but I’m working on another couple of things first. We do more nattering than knitting at our group too, I think it’s nice just to be in the company of other like-minded people, makes me feel I’m not weird by yearning for wool and buttons and such!
    Thanks for popping by X

  10. Hiya Karen, I popped over from Marie’s blog. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, by the way, I like your way of thinking re your pressie, lol. I read Marie’s post and went and had a look in your Etsy shop last week and your knits are soooo cute – you are certainly an inspiration to us all. You have a little teabag hat which has my grandson’s name on it, it’s adorable, so I’d like to buy it, if it suitable for a 0 – 3 months?

    I met Marie at Aintree Craft Fair last year and had a coffee with her (she’s so lovely!), it turned out that we went to the same school in Kirkby, can you believe!

    Take care

    Maria xxxxx

  11. Hi Maria, well I typed a reply but I’m not sure it sent :0
    Thanks for your lovely comments and congrats on becoming a Nan, I’m one myself, mine is called Leo, he’s. 16 months and I adore him.
    Marie told me all about you, what a small world, I went to St Gregs for a couple of years too.
    Maybe I’ll get to meet you next year at Aintree too.
    The T Bag hat will fit 0-3 maybe even a bit longer, it’s nice and soft too.
    Take care and I’m going to pop over to your blog when I’m on my laptop x

  12. Sam and that on said:

    Alright. Knitted some good stuff and that. I know I’m posting out of order an’ that, but good knitting innit.

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