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Back from holiday….but I was a busy knitter

Well I’ve been off to North Yorkshire for a wonderfully relaxing holiday with my hubby and my teenage son. Funnily enough and not at all planned (hehe) I just happened to “find” the most amazing wool shop in the town nearest to where we were staying. If you get the chance pop in to either the website or the actual shop, which is run by a lovely helpful couple. My initial reason for popping in was to see if I could find some King Cole Galaxy yarn in dk, this has sequins running through the yarn and which I thankfully did find along with a lovely pattern and I used these to make this pretty baby bolero which I think would be lovely for a wedding, christening or other special occasion…

In between our lovely days out, usually early in the morning or in the evenings, whilst keeping one eye on The Olympics, I managed to finish off the project I took with me, this was knitted using Sirdar Crofter dk, only one 50g ball made this pretty 0-6 month baby jacket. I just love the colours…

I also made a cute little mouse to match and stuffed it when I came home, its sitting on the shoulder of the jacket.

Before I left for holiday and in between the packing for us all, (as we all know boys don’t pack,) I managed to finish the little cardigan I started at the end of my last post. I think it’s so cute and surprisingly it didn’t involve the use of a cable needle.

I also took some Sirdar Baby Bamboo yarn with me that I bought from my local knitting shop, and using the same pattern as the little fairisle type jacket above I made another 0-6 month jacket, and finished it with a pretty heart shaped button. This yarn is so lovely to knit with as it just glides through your fingers and has a lovely sheen to it when finished.

Baby Bamboo Pink S/S Jacket 0-6 months

On another of my trips to the wool shop in Thirsk I came across the beautiful Baby Speckle yarn from Sirdar and another gorgeous little pattern, it is quite expensive yarn but once again it’s a dream to knit with and the results were well worth it, I almost finished this before we came home and got the buttons back here and finished this off within a couple of hours of being home, after all who needs to unpack?

Again this was knitted in age 0-6 months. I just wish I could shrink my grandson to fit this…but since I couldn’t I decided I had to knit a little something for him. I’ve only just finished it and will take some photo’s for my next post.

I also managed to knit another of my little crowns, this time in silver with pink beads, but again no photo’s as of yet since it’s hard to get it to stand up!

So as you can see it’s been a busy week, I had a wonderful holiday, did lots of lovely things like hold an owl at a falconry centre and sampled some lovely beers at the Theakstons brewery in Masham, met lots and lots of very friendly people and ate lots and lots of lovely grub. Now it’s back to reality, but at least I’ve got lots more nice yarns and patterns in my stash which I’m sure will soon be knitted up and photographed for you all to see.

I hope to add all the above to my Etsy shop in a short while, why not pop over and have a look.

Thanks for wading through all the pics and I hope you’ve enjoyed them.


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15 thoughts on “Back from holiday….but I was a busy knitter

  1. Doesn’t sound like a holiday to me all that knitting !!!! and in one week too. I am amazed at your beautiful knitting and its quality and the gorgeous wool you have chosen. These pieces are so gorgeous and am sure some lucky little 0-6 will look fab in any of these. Glad you enjoyed your time away and look forward to seeing that crown in silver


  2. Wow! You have been busy. Your work is beautiful. I love to knit or do hand sewing when I am on holiday. It is amazing how productive you can be, especially if the weather is poor. Have a great week! Avis x

  3. Wow I am so impressed with all that knitting. The garments are all gorgeous. I agree the shop in Thirsk is brilliant, I have browsed there and purchased on many an occasion!

  4. Absolutely stunning Karen! Never mind shrinking your son, I wouldn’t mind shrinking into that gorgeous lilac bamboo cardi with the heart shaped button myself! Glad you enjoyed your holiday. Vicky x

  5. Hi Karen, just popped over from Marie’s blog. Now I am not a knitter – I suppose I could manage a couple of rows of plain and purl if I had to but my tension always goes to pot! I have done many a cross stitch in my time, the only trouble now is I really need specs to hand sew and I am trying to resist this for as long as possible! Lol. I love that crown you’ve done and the little jumpers on the pins, you are obviously as talented as your big sis (but don’t tell her I said that or her head will be humungous!). Anyways, welcome to blogland, I’m sure you’ll make many new lovely friends. Suze xx

    • Thanks Suze, it’s just a shame Marie lives so far away as she’s a great support, but I blame her for getting me back into knitting etc, my stash is far too big now, its getting to the stage where I’ll have to get rid of my dining table to make room for wool!

  6. Hello, I’m also popping over having read about your talents on your lovely sister’s blog. You have a wonderful talent. Welcome to blogland!

    • Thanks Victoria, I think when you’re good at something you naturally assume everyone else can do the same, but its only when you try doing something and you’re not good at it that you realise that maybe not everyone is good at everything. For example I would be rubbish at card making….

    • Thanks Victoria, I’ve alredy met some lovely ladies and found some great bargains as a result X

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